rob amory

To look at another is to see yourself.

I use photography to assemble a cast whose collective presence provokes questions about our relations to others and our self image.

I am a writer populating the stage with characters among whom the viewing audience co-mingles, observing and observed within the intense presences of nameless diverse individuals.

Sharing extended time and conversation with individuals, I witness and gather moments of presence and interior reflection. There is no posing. I select only one image, one that I feel evokes both the personal and the universal. 

When assembled, they become an integrated composition of juxtaposed notes and chords, a whole exceeding the sum of the parts.

The device of high surface resolution at enlarged scale mimics an insect’s exploration of vast lands and assorted topographies that define the human face and head.

The space within, cosmos of thoughts and feelings, remains intangible, accessible only to our imagination and our reservoir of life experience.